The Boy whom I Met to Marry

Omg !! Its 7.10 pm already and Im 10 mins late. Late to meet this guy i was supposed to see for an arranged marriage proposal through my maternal aunt . “Wear a salwar kameez”, my mom had been repeating like a parrot since morning . My granny went a step ahead and said “odhni nai bhoolti ” ( dont forget your dupatta ) . Eeeesh .. who wears a dupatta nowadays ..

So i wore my favourite red kurta , a small black bindi and kohl rubbed dark onto my eyelids and i was ready to face him . I had not seen the photo. As i felt that if you see photo you form an opinion before even meeting the person and become biased.  And this time i went a step ahead . I did not even ask his name . Just asked my maasi to tell me where i should go to meet him . He , on the other hand had seen my photo and his whole family had approved of the rishta . It was now on us to decide.

I reached Barista at almost 7.30 . I was 30 minutes late .. Minus 20 points for my tardiness. As soon as i entered the cafe i was looking around , hoping to like what i saw in first glance . ” Anamika ” . I heard a very sexy voice call me . I turned and my heart skipped a beat . In front of me was Rahul!!  Rahul Desai . The boy for whom i went to school everyday . The boy whom i had a silent crush on all through high school . He left school abruptly in Std XI and no one knew where he went . I was heart broken and cried silently for days ..

I had a huge huge huge crush on him . I used to blush as soon as he entered the classroom every morning . Used to stare at him hidden behind my books . No one knew about my feelings , not even my best friend Natasha .

Meeting him like this after 11 years was like being struck by lightening . He was more handsome than before.  Taller , well toned . Was wearing a white shirt and faded blue jeans , Brown woodland shoes and davidoff cool waters .. I was in love again within a second of meeting him .

Anamika ??? He said again and gently tapped my shoulder.  Like an open wire a current shot through my body down to my core and i blushed.  Gaining my senses i said ” Rahul !!!! Wow .. Its so good to bump into you like this . How are you ? And where were you all these years ? 

Now it was his turn to be quiet . He just gestured me to sit on the table he was standing besides . As we sat down he said ” you are kidding me , right ?? What do you mean by bumped into you ?? You read my biodata , then why are you behaving like as if we are meeting by chance ?? ” . I turned red from head to toe . I couldnt believe my good luck . My secret crush , the guy whom i could kill for is in front of me and is here to see me for a marriage proposal !!!

I started grinning like an idiot and told him i was just kidding ..

We talked and talked and talked for about 4 hours . At the end of it i was sure that he would say YES . I had said yes in my heart already as soon as i realised he was the guy i had come to meet ..

He dropped me home and we shook hands like business clients . Again when he touched me i had tremors running through my core . So anticing was his touch. Even after he left like a nutcase i was standing outside my gate staring after his car .

My parents were already asleep and brother was playing some stupid game on his xbox screaming some silly names . I went straight to my bedroom and just fell on the bed , thanking god for what he had given me today ..

I kept tossing and turning all night . Fell asleep in the wee hours of morning . When i woke up i saw my mom grinning cheek to cheek standing over my head . She hugged me and started crying.  She said that get dressed . Rahul’s family is coming for the Roka ceremony .

I couldnt be happier. . I was going to be engaged to the guy of my dreams ..

They came 2 hours later with lots of relatives and roka ceremony was done . There were so many people in the house and utter chaos . I did not even get a chance to say hi to him . Our eyes met across the room a couple of times and we just smiled .

Next day he called me to say that he will pick me up from my office . I was excited all day and my steps had that extra jump and i was cheerful and grinning madly at everyone .

He texted me at 5 saying that he had left from his office . I rushed to the washroom to powder my face and freshen up my kajal . Put a pink lip gloss as well to match my pink floral shirt and white ankle length pants.

As i slid down the the seats of his car ,  his scent hit me like a punch in my stomach. I was breathless and just gasped for air. ” Are you alright ? ” he asked and cupped my face with his hand . My skin burned under his touch and i wanted to kiss him then and there . But something held me back . Probably the ingrained teachings since childhood about how girls are supposed to be shy and be prim and proper .

I said “I’m ok . Just a little hot outside “.

We went for a long drive , talking , laughing and just getting to know each other . With each passing minute i was falling more and more in love with this amazing man . He was caring, sensitive, intelligent and compassionate . I could say that because he just couldnt see the beggar kids at the traffic signal and bought them some food to eat . 

The next day my mom says ” guruji is saying wedding should happen before end of this month . There is no mahurat thereafter for a year .

His parents agreed . So the next few days went in all the craziness of wedding preparations and shopping. . We met a couple of times but that too were surrounded by relatives . We texted mundane things and asked things about the wedding preparations ..

I was getting married to the only man i was ever attracted to but still i was feeling a bit uneasy . Like i was missing soemthing important.

I was a hopeless romantic. Grown up reading mills and boons and watching mushy hindi movies . He was very nice and a thorough gentle man . But i felt no attraction , chemistry,  sensual tension from his end . I wanted to eat him alive every time i saw him,but he had not made any advances , or even caressed me till now . I know there has been no time or place but still!! I remained unsure and on the edge .

Soon there were only 3 days left for the wedding. I couldn’t stop myself and i called him . I said ” i need to see you ” . He said ” All ok ? I hope you are not getting cold feet on marrying me !! Please dont sweetie , i cannot wait to make you mine !!

My heart did cartwheels ..Thats just what i wanted to hear.  His voice and tone reassured me . I said ” nothing like that . Just that in all this wedding rush we hardly could meet or spend time ”

He said “patience is the key . 3 days and Mrs Desai wont have anything to complain about ” .

I Blushed and hung up .

The next 3 days went by in a haze . Mehendi , sangeet and a million relatives.  On my wedding day as i walked into the mandap , our eyes met and we said so many things in that one glance .

There was love which i saw in his eyes for the first time . Or probably it was just a reflection of my love.  Here i was  getting married to Mr Right and i had not even expressed my love for him .

Wedding got over past midnight . By the time we got home it was quite late and so many rituals and pooja to be done . We got to our bedroom by 2.00 am . I was exhausted to the core . He said he has a gift for me . He sat me on the bed , and went into the bathroom closet to get it .

I sat there taking in my surroundings . My luggage had been set up and arranged a week ago . When Rahul came out , he presented me with a little box . Inside was an exquisite diamond ring with our initials . I was touched . My hubby was indeed romantic.

He put the ring on me and said , ” now you are mine and gently kissed my finger tips” . I felt a tingling sensation run down my spine and my mouth went dry . I couldnt utter a word . Such intense was my desire . I was clumsy and awkward , i just stood there like a statue , speechless and frozen . 

He took a step backward after he got no reaction from me . He took my hands and said ” dont worry my dear , only when you are emotionally ready ” . My heart was screaming ” Now , Now ” , but no words came out .

He left me to change and get comfortable and went to the kitchen to get us some cold water . I felt like kicking myself . Here i was all aroused and wet and couldn’t convey anything to my husband .

He came back and sat on the bed and was browsing his phone.  I sat there in a silky nighty and said “goodnight”. He said ” sleep well , you must be so tired “. And he switched off the lights ..

I lay there , just inches away from my husband on my wedding night and i couldnt say or do anything.  Just because girls are not supposed to make the first move . Bullshit !!! Who made that stupid rule !!!

I was so tired i didnt realise when i fell fast asleep . When i woke up next morning , Rahul was already showered , had shaved and dressed in a very sexy navy kurta and chudidaar . He was sitting on the sofa and looking at me . 

I woke up with a start and said ” shit !! What time is it ? He asked me to relax and just take my time to freshen up . We had to go visit some relatives . He told me that he was waiting downstairs .

I quickly showered and dressed . Went down and the whole house was filled with people .. everyone was looking at me . Some were sympathetic , some curious , some sceptical etc etc .

My mother in law came and gave me a hug . We sat there for a while talking to all the relatives . My in laws stayed in another city and were leaving the same day..

The whole day went in socialising and meeting relatives . In the evening my brother came and i went to my home for the pag phera ritual.

Next day hubby came for lunch and to pick me up. We went home . Yes .. that was my home now . Felt weird to call a place i had visited only twice before was now my home . I went to my room to change .

When i came out hubby had brought up 2 mugs of coffee and steaming hot maggi . He said ” these are the only 2 things i can manage . And yes i can reheat packed dinners from the hotel ” .. we both burst into laughter. . I sat cross legged onto the sofa and we devoured the maggi and coffee .

The next day we were leaving for our honeymoon . GOA . My favourite holiday destination . So we spent the rest of the evening packing .

I was married for 24 hours and i had not even hugged my hubby . I went down to the kitchen and put together some light dinner of khichdi and buttermilk as we were really tired of eating heavy oil laden food from the marriage festivities .

I called him twice from downstairs . No reply . So i went upstairs looking for him . He was in his study . On his armchair listening to something . He did not hear me coming . So i stood there . Gulping in his sexy scent which made me go weak at knees everytime he was around me . My husband . My awesome awesome hubby . I love him so much . Why cant i reach out and tell him i chagrined myself.

I went towards him to ask him to come down for dinner . Lost in my train of thoughts i did not see the thick cable on the floor and i tripped on it landing straight onto him in the armchair ..

My body went on emergency alert . I started shivering . He had his arms around me and i melting into his arms . But as luck would have it he thought my shivering to be fear and said ” dont worry dear . Only when you are ready !!

I looked up at him . My lips only inches away from him . And said ” what makes you think that I’m not ??? ”

He blinked as if he couldn’t believe me ..

And then our lips met . All hell broke lose and i turned into a jelly in his arms This was my first kiss . I didnt know what to do so i followed his lead . Gentle fluttering movements at first became faster and more urgent  and we broke apart gasping for breath .

We just looked at each other with hungry eyes . He got up and took my hand . As soon as i got up , he swooped me in his strong arms and carried me to the bedroom . He gently lay me on the bed and i was all red,  blushing and couldnt look at him .He raised my chin,  looked deeply into my eyes and said ” mine for now , mine forever “. And then kissed me so passionately that i was completely lost in waves of passion .

He gently caressed me on my tummy . I giggled like a school girl . He then kissed me , a trail going down from my lips to the navel . I was quivering and blossoming under his expert touch . He gently raised my kurta and and pushed it up exposing my black lacy bra and urged me to remove it . I happily obliged .

As I stood there in my bra and leggings he just stared at me . With such raw passion and longing in his eyes that i just couldnt help but rush into his arms . This time it was me who started to kiss him and even bit him lightly on his lip . He chuckled and said ” wow , you are a fast learner !! “.

He pushed me on to the bed and removed his shirt and joined me on the bed .His broad chest crushed me as he weighed down and me and it felt so wonderful . As our lips touched again i felt a wet and hot feeling between my legs . A burning desire enfulfed me and i completely surrendered to my husband.

He kissed me on the shoulders and removed my bra straps.  As he exposed my breasts i shuddered for a second . Turned my head and buried it in the pillow as i felt extremely shy . He cupped my face tenderly and said ” dont be shy my love, let me see you ” .

As he went on and encircled my nipples , they became an erroneous zone of pleasure . When he deeply sucked i almost squealed in pleasure and arched my back . He went on till i literally begged him to stop . I could feel him aroused and ready .

we shed our remaining clothes and united as one . I felt pain but it was nothing compared to the pleasure i felt . The all encompassing pleasure which is compared to nothing i fell till date .

As we lay spent on the bed i told him about my crush on him in school . He was pleasantly surprised and hugged me tight . 

My husband , my love and my life.  I wanted time to stop and live in this moment forever .

We didnt know when we slept off . Only to wake up late in the morning . As we rushed to the airport for our honeymoon , we ate khichdi and buttermilk for breakfast and sat in the taxi .

Hand in hand , with a happy smile and eyes full of promises of glorious nights I set off with hubby for my honeymoon .

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